City Lauds Tentative Agreements with Several Unions 

Agreements will result in increased wages and paid leave for hundreds of City employees

SAN JOSÉ, CA – The City of San José announces tentative agreements with the following bargaining units: San Jose Police Dispatchers’ Association (SJPDA), Association of Building, Mechanical and Electrical Inspectors (ABMEI), and the Peace Officer Park Ranger Association (POPRA). Combined, the three bargaining units represent 265 City employees. These agreements will assist in providing stability for their respective teams during the outlined fiscal years, and include several items that are important for both parties and will be beneficial to City departments and employees. 

“These agreements are a victory for both the City and our workers,” said San José Mayor Matt Mahan. “We’re being fair to our employees and our residents together, giving workers the wages they deserve and residents the services they need.” 

“One of my priorities is the recruitment, hiring, and retention of an amazing workforce. I am pleased with the agreements which will provide stability for our workforce and include items that are important to all parties,” said City Manager Jennifer Maguire. “City of San José employees are motivated, diverse, innovative, and have a passion for providing vital services and programs to the community, and these agreements recognize their service to the community.”

Key provisions of the tentative agreements include: 

  • 3-year term for ABMEI and SJPDA and a 4-year term for POPRA.

  • 5.00% pensionable general wage increase in FY 2023-2024.

  • 4.00% pensionable general wage increase in FY 2024-2025. 

  • 3.00% pensionable general wage increase in FY 2025-2026. 

  • 3.00% pensionable general wage increase in FY 2026-2027 for POPRA. 

  • Increase to certain premium pays, including adjustments to bilingual pay. 

  • Special salary adjustments to bring certain classifications to market which will assist with the City’s ongoing recruitment and retention efforts. 

  • Changes to the City’s Paid-Parental Leave Program which will now provide eligible employees with up to160 hours of paid leave and will become permanent.

“We are appreciative of the collaborative and transparent negotiation that we engaged in with the City. As a new union, this was the first contract we negotiated and we want to commend the professionalism and transparency of the City team led by Jennifer Schembri. We look forward to further collaboration as we work to improve San Jose’s public safety infrastructure,” said Mary Tomlinson, President of the San Jose Police Dispatchers Association.

The following links contain more information on the tentative agreements reached with SJPDAABMEI, and POPRA