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  • Location: The Bay Area Review serves the neighborhoods where you live, work, and do business. Our community involvement leads to more favorable views from readership and greater insights into the social structure of our community.
  • Focus on Local News: By limiting our coverage to Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area, our community newspaper can provide in-depth content not offered by other media sources.
  • Adaptability: Our low overhead and absence of bureaucratic hierarchy enables us to implement swift change when required.
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Advertising Guidelines

  • All accounts are due and payable in cash, check, or credit card at time of ad placement.
  • The advertiser and its agents agree to indemnify The Bay Area Review against any expenses or loss by any reason of any claims arising out of the publication of advertiser’s ad copy, including reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by The Bay Area Review in defense of settlement of any such claim.
  • In the event that The Bay Area Review is unable to obtain ad copy to fulfill this contract by deadline, The Bay Area Review may insert a suitable ad or a previously run ad to comply with the contract.
  • The advertisement is subject to publisher’s approval. The Bay Area Review reserves the right to reject any advertising that is misleading or that does not meet community standards.
  • The Bay Area Review’s liability for an error shall not exceed the cost of the space occupied by the error. The Bay Area Review shall not be liable for any costs or damages if the publisher fails to publish an ad for any reason. The Bay Area Review assumes no liability for delays or failures caused by an Act of God, or government, or otherwise unavoidable situations beyond its control.
  • Standard ads are designed at no charge. Custom designed ads are charged at $55.00 per hour. A service charge will be applied to all proof changes other than corrections.

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The Bay Area Review is a local publishing company with a small dynamic team dedicated to our neighbors and Silicon Valley Communities with a focus on the local news, products, and services that matter most.

We support our clients with all phases of their promotional and marketing campaigns to realize optimum results by using our localized media capability to connect to a select audience, demographic, and/or neighborhood directly.

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Print Dates

The Bay Area Review, formerly known as South Valley Review, is published every other week and is hand-delivered to doorsteps of residents in Silicon Valley ZIP CODES.

At this time we serve ZIP CODES 95118, 95123, 95124, 95125, 95126, 95128, 95102, 95008, 95051, and 95037. If you are not currently receiving our local newspaper, know that we have plans to reach you as we continue to grow and expand!