Jacki’s Story: One Dog’s Journey From Homelessness to Happiness




Looking at Jacki, a happy, friendly young cattle dog, you’d never know how much she has been through. But when Jacki arrived at a shelter in California’s Central Valley as a four-month old puppy, she was dirty and thin, with a severely injured back leg and wounds on her neck. The shelter didn’t have the resources to evaluate and care for her leg injury, so they asked HSSV for help.


HSSV has transported nearly 4,000 cats and dogs from under-resourced shelters who were not able to care for them. At HSSV they receive the specialized medical attention they need and are put up for adoption so that they can find their forever families.


In the case of Jacki, HSSV immediately stepped in and assessed her condition. The team performed x-rays and found that she had a broken leg. She was given a splint and placed on strict exercise restriction, so she would need time in a foster home to heal. Clara, a first-time foster, volunteered to take the puppy into her home.


This high-energy cattle dog did not take easily to the Medical team’s recommendation of keeping exercise to a minimum. With Clara’s careful monitoring, including taking Jacki for walks in her “puppy sling,” Jacki began to adapt.


Each week Jacki came to the HSSV medical center to have her splint changed. After two months, her leg had healed, and the splint was removed for good. Soon she was placed up for adoption and caught the eye of her future family. Today she lives with them in her forever home.


Thanks to support from generous donors like Arlene Morris, who directs her donations to support the rehabilitation of sick and injured animals, HSSV is able to step in and help animals like Jacki receive the care they need. The generosity of the public and supporters like Arlene this #GivingTuesday will enable homeless animals like Jacki to spend the holiday season cozy at home with their new families.





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