For the second year in a row it’s National Cinema Day — coming back to movie theaters across the U.S. Sunday, August 27.      Approximately 3000 cinemas will offer their patrons tickets for whatever movie they decide to see for no more than $4.

The $4 price tag though is an increase from it’s introduction of this program last year, when tickets cost as low as $3. Last year’s National Cinema Day fell during a quiet Labor Day Weekend, and it meant most people just went to see “Top Gun Maverick” again (the Tom Cruise blockbuster topped the box office that weekend and brought in $7.9 million domestic).

National Cinema Day started with the folks at The Cinema Foundation, a non-profit organization affiliated with the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO) they launched in March 2022. The group is designed to support the health of the theatrical space and expand NATO’s own reach. Their actions come as a result of the COVID-19 loss in audiences, and thereby, massive losses in revenue for theater owners. 

“Following the unexpected success of last year’s National Cinema Day, we welcome everyone to join us for the communal experience of one of America’s favorite pastimes – moviegoing,” says Jackie Brenneman, president of The Cinema Foundation. “We look forward to gathering at the movies and celebrating an exciting slate of new releases and classics, from beloved family favorites and outrageous comedies to thought-provoking dramas and thrilling adventures. There’s something for everyone. Let’s all go!”

“Movies have the power to bring us together to share in the joy, the thrill and the magic of a great story told on the big screen,” says Michael O’Leary, president & CEO of NATO. “National Cinema Day is a celebration of movie fandom and of the uniting role that movie theaters play in our communities.”